DJ Services


All your friends, family, the people who are closest to you, your boss all joined together to help you celebrate one of the most important days of your life. Nothing will tear your love asunder but the MUSIC will make or break “The Party”. YOUR Party is our business! Wedding Music and Itinerary arrangements come to life in an unforgettable memory making moment that is your Wedding Day. Start to finish Its what differentiates us from the competition and what we excel at and understand. Preparation in advance of YOUR event is paramount to its success! We are expert Wedding coordinators and will help plan and perform the all arrangements. We listen to you and are open to any and ALL ideas. We work with your venue to ensure everything runs smoothly logistically, handle all the details and requests to ensure everything sparkles and shines on the dance floor!

Corporate Events

We have the equipment tools experience ideas creativity professionalism promptness desire drive and determination it takes to deliver successful results.Let us help plan the event. We can take ownership of any initiatives that you are highlighting and bring them to life with an array of multimedia, custom videos and photo montages live performers, Themes Casinos, Video Game Arcade, Movie Theater, Dancers, Singers, Bands, DJ, Video Jockey, Sound Systems, Lighting, Awards, Prizes, Giveaways & More!

Country Clubs

Your Private Country Club guests deserve the best Professional Mobile Entertainment. Your party is kept private, custom tailored and exclusive. We work directly with you to arrange all the points of itinerary music requests and then perform them with style and pizzazz! YOLO so lets plan your next soiree at “The Club” together.

Private Parties

FAMILY FIRST. There is such great value in private parties. Gathering together the family and friends for a variety of reasons but most of all to share in lifes good times and bad. For 30 years we have been blessed to provide appropriate professional entertainment for Birthday parties, Anniversary party, Sweet 16, Bar & Bat Mitzvah, School Party , Prom, Churches & Synagogues, Civic & Political Groups, Veterans, Charities & Fund raisers, Holidays, and just about everything else too! LOOK, If we get to be a part of your special day we will do everything possible to make it the best.